Press Release
June 24, 2007


"We welcome the fresh initiatives coming from no less than the Chief Justice on the need to address the deteriorating human rights situation in the country. The incidents of abductions, killings and disappearances have reached alarming proportions and only a concerted effort by government together with concerned citizens can put an end to the nation's perilous slide towards anarchy."

"If I may be allowed to humbly suggest to the Honorable Chief Justice, the summit should not be limited to extra-judicial killings but should include election-related killings, media killings, rampant smuggling, corruption and other illegal acts that have all but battered the rule of law in the country. Let it be a summit on the rule of law. Let the summit be a reiteration that as a people we will not merely watch as sinister groups attempt to tear our Constitutional democracy apart and allow for the ruining of our country's adherence to the rule of law."

"We are so close to the edge and a step further would throw our country into anarchy and mayhem; if we aren't already there. The wanton disregard fore the rule of law must end. Given the nation's troubling situation and the inability of our law enforcement institutions to turn the tide, the Supreme Court must lead the charge and all law abiding citizens must rally behind the Court."

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