Press Release
June 25, 2007

Kiko on the alleged AFP discussions regarding political killings

"As Commander in Chief, PGMA must step in and instruct these generals to come out in the open and speak out about the truth behind the alleged involvement of the military brass in extra judicial killings. The buck stops with PGMA as Commander in Chief. "

"If PGMA fails to step in and fails to act swiftly to get to the bottom of these killings, she and her government may be held accountable in the end. PGMA should learn from the painful lessons of history. "

"Former President Isabel Peron of Argentina is now under house arrest in Spain for her alleged involvement in death squads in Argentina during her presidency in 1976. PGMA cannot simply watch by the wayside. She cannot simply be a bystander as generals under her command are beginning to talk. She must act swiftly, considering that she is commander in chief of the AFP and these are her generals nearing the breaking point in their silence regarding the issue of political killings."

"If PGMA is interested in her legacy she should take pains in ensuring that she does not end up with a similar fate as Isabel Peron. If she wishes to avoid a similar fate, her only recourse is for her government to bring the perpetrators of the killings to justice and for it to punish the guilty regardless of who they may be. If she succeeds in doing this then she succeeds in avoiding the cruel judgment of history."

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