Press Release
August 5, 2007


"Is Malacañang punishing the Supreme Court for calling the Summit on Extra-judicial Killings? Is it exacting vengeance after the summit raised the issue of PGMA's possible liability for the unabated killings? We ask these questions in the light of the following developments: The unceremonial sacking of CHED Secretary Puno, brother of the Chief Justice, the impending slash of nearly P1B in the Malacañang proposed 2008 Budget of the Judiciary and the disapproval by the NEDA last week of the funding of the Manila City Hall of Justice as requested by no less than Chief Justice Puno. We are disturbed by these recent developments arising between the Executive Department and the Judiciary. Is Malacañang waging a silent, 'dirty' war against the SC?"

"Last year Malacañang declared war against the Senate when it issued EO 464 and refused to recognize the Senate's constitutional power to summon cabinet officials to attend hearings in aid of legislation. EO 464 undermined the Senate as an institution and impaired its independence. It also prevented the Senate from exercising its constitutional duty to serve as a check and balance on the executive branch."

"We fear that another constitutional crisis may be in the offing but this time around it is Malacañang undermining the independence of the SC. If true, we vow to rally behind the SC to oppose such moves. We hope this is untrue and the developments mere coincidences. I believe Malacañang should clarify these recent turn of events coming as it does at a time when the SC has been very vocal about extra-judicial killings. Is this Malacañang's response to extra-judicial killings? Attacking the SC? We certainly hope not."

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