Press Release
August 27, 2007


"The country does not run out of acts of heroism even in this day and age. Our valiant soldiers who continue to put their lives on the line while heeding the call of duty remind us that there is an unspeakable honor in putting the nation first before self. The fallen soldiers in Basilan, the anguish of the families they left behind, and the continued struggle in Mindanao, should stir the spirit of heroism among our political leaders as well: That they learn to walk the talk and stick their necks out for that which they believe is best for the country regardless of the costs that come with making difficult decisions. What sets heroes apart from ordinary folks is the hero's willingness to suffer the consequences of one's acts, the willingness to be bold, and to dare and to take risks in order to pursue one's deeply-felt convictions regardless of the cost to one's self."

"We need heroes for political leaders. We cannot allow the politics of convenience and accommodation to remain UNCHALLENGED. We cannot allow selfish, opportunistic and self-serving political leaders to lord it over and decide the fate of our nation. We cannot have trapo politics and money politics continue to hold our nation hostage and dictate our fate as a people. We owe this to our heroes that their supreme sacrifice will not go to waste."

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