Press Release
September 3, 2007

Zubiri clarifies Philippine Daily Inquirer
article (Sept. 3 issue) on Garci probe

Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri clarifies that the playing of the "Garci Tape" before the Senate committees investigating the "Hello, Garci" controversy would violate not only the civil liberties of President Arroyo but of everyone else as well, including the media. He said that if the Garci Tape is played in the Senate Committees, nothing will stop unscrupulous individuals to wiretap conversations of public officials, including Senators and Congressmen, and members of the media and use these illegally wiretap materials for black propaganda or blackmail.

Sen. Zubiri also clarifies that he did not mention Sen. Kiko Pangilinan as among the senators who have been insistent about "violating the civil rights of Ms. Arroyo," when they fought to include civil rights safeguards in the Human Security Act of 2007. "In fact, I clearly recall not mentioning Sen. Pangilinan's name during the entire interview concerning different issues," Zubiri said.

Zubiri made the clarification after the Philippine Daily Inquirer ran an article on the "Hello, Garci" controversy based on an interview with Zubiri in Baguio City yesterday on different issues including the Garci controversy. Zubiri was in Baguio City on September 2, 2007 to keynote the opening of the DepEd's National Leadership Training for Student Government Officers.

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