Press Release
September 6, 2007


Senate Majority Leader and former UP Student Regent and Student Council Chair Kiko Pangilinan today cited Director Jim Libiran's independent film TRIBU on Tondo teen gangs as a template for conflict resolution and as a means to counter the culture of violence that prevails amongst fratmen, and called for the creation of a Chris Mendez Fund for Peace and Conflict Resolution, in memory of the UP student who died due to hazing.

" Nakakalungkot isipin na kailangan pang ang mga teen gangs sa Tondo ang magturo sa mga scholars ng UP kung paano ayusin ang kani-kanilang mga buhay sa usapin ng fraternity violence. Ang hazing at mga rumble ay sanhi ng kultura ng karahasan na pumapalibot sa mga frat kahit saan. Kailangang iwaksi ito, at mag-uumpisa ito sa mga 'conflict resolution programs' tulad ng isinagawa ng director na si Jim Libiran sa pelikulang TRIBU," Kiko said.

"The real lives of young gang members of Tondo were featured in the film TRIBU. They had many acting workshops together over a six-month period. They listened to each other's life stories and learned they had suffered so much in common. These youngsters actually came to auditions armed with knives and other weapons, but trust was built through shared goal and productive facilitated exchange. Through collaborative creative expression and determined resolution, they have found ways to live and work together in peace and create the beginnings of true community. I cannot see why UP scholars, who are deemed to be the best and the brightest of Filipino youth, cannot replicate this," Kiko added.

"University authorities should consider establishing an office of fraternity affairs whose sole purpose is to aggressively and proactively implement a program that would counter the culture of fraternity violence with a culture of proactive, civic and community-mindedness amongst fraternities," Kiko said.

"Also, if we are to place meaning in the senseless death of Chris Mendez then we should establish a Chris Mendez Fund for Peace and Conflict resolution among UP fraternities. Funds will be used to put in place programs and activities that would counter the culture of violence that prevails in the fraternity system and seek to replicate the Tondo experience. The Mendez Fund shall help establish stronger links between the UP fraternities and their alumni and provide a regular venue in which alumni and residents interact for the purpose of countering the culture of violence amongst UP fraternities," Kiko asserted.

"UP cannot simply employ old methods and approaches in dealing with fraternity violence if it is to succeed in solving the problem. The UP admin must learn to think outside the box and employ fresh approaches and new methods if it is to solve this decades old problem. It must be bold and decisive and must learn to take risks if it is to address this recurring insane and tragic reality called fraternity violence. UP has no business preaching to the rest of the nation about peace and conflict resolution if it cannot put in place conflict resolution if it cannot put in place conflict resolution mechanisms in its own backyard. This is a challenge we are hurling at UP President Roman," Kiko ended.

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