Press Release
September 12, 2007


This is both a sad and happy day for our country and our people. Sad because one of the most popular presidents we Filipinos have ever known has been convicted on charges of plunder. We can only sympathize and imagine how distressing this must be to President Joseph Estrada, his family and his supporters.

But this is also a happy day for us because the verdict affirms that the rule of law reigns over our land. The Sandiganbayan reached its landmark decision after an exhaustive trial that went on for over six years and in spite of threats of turmoil. We can all take pride in the fact that our justice system declared before the nation and the world that all are subject to the rule of law in our country. No one, not even the highest official of the land, is above it.

Those who differ with the verdict have recourse to remedies, including motions for reconsideration and appeals to our Supreme Court. They should turn to them with dispatch.

For the rest of us, we can heave a sigh of relief. Closure has been found in this unprecedented and historic case. The nation can now move on.

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