Press Release
October 9, 2007

Statement on latest SWS survey showing the
Senate, Villar with highest public satisfaction rating

We are humbled by the result of the latest Social Weather Stations survey showing the institution of the Senate as the government agency most trusted by Filipinos and the Senate President as the top government official of the land.

The Senate is multi-tasking in its job to pass legislative measures and to investigate questionable transactions of government. The first two months of the 14th Congress saw the passage of nine bills of national significance and led the nation in the quest for truth behind the $329 million ZTE-National Broadband Deal.

This survey result is a welcome news amid attempts to cast doubt on the integrity and independence of the Senate.

I am also thankful to the people who put their trust and confidence in the way I lead the Upper Chamber. To a public servant, nothing can prove to be more motivating than the expressed satisfaction with your work from the very people you serve. Recognition is due to my colleagues in the Senate who have willingly set aside political differences and cooperated in the pursuit of a legislative agenda crafted with the people's welfare in mind. Certainly, this inspires us to do more.

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