Press Release
October 19, 2007

Zubiri: I condemn this resort to violence for whatever purpose it was done

I sympathize with the family and friends of those who died and were injured in the explosion at the Glorietta with initial investigations hinting of an explosive device rather than just an accidental explosion.

I condemn this resort to violence for whatever purpose it was done.

I hope that the investigations will be thorough and people will remain alert but calm. People will want to be assured that their safety will be paramount on the government agenda at this time, especially in public places like malls, trains, and others with heavy concentration of people.

It is alarming that rescue efforts were not to our expectations of what government should give to its citizens. In whatever emergency, natural or man-made, rescue by government forces like the Office of Civilian Defense, the police and the disaster coordinating councils should be ahead of the others. This also calls on us to support government forces with the necessary logistics to carry out their jobs well.

At the same time, I am grateful that the Philippine Red Cross readily deployed to help. I'm proud of belonging to the PRC.

For our part in the Senate, this tragedy should push forward the passage of the Disaster Preparedness Bills immediately so we will not be caught flat-footed, and we can save more lives.

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