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October 22, 2007

"Clashing officials should provide direction, not further confusion!"

Senate Majority Leader Kiko Pangilinan today called on all camps to refrain from making accusations on the Glorietta 2 explosion without proof.

"It is very distasteful to hear the government officials throw wild accusations at each other as we face this national tragedy. This incident claimed innocent lives and injured many others. The last thing we should be doing now is to throw baseless accusations at one another," Kiko said.

Several groups are suggesting the blast might have been a ploy to deodorize the stink from a number of corruption and bribery scandals hounding Malacanang, most recent of which was the alleged distribution of cash gifts to Congressmen and local government officials amid an impeachment bid against the President.

In fact, Senator Antonio Trillanes and National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales are in the middle of a word war after the former linked the government to the Glorietta 2 blast that has so far killed 11 people. Gonzales hit back, saying it was Trillanes and other rightist soldiers who panted bombs during the Oakwood mutiny in 2003.

"The Filipino people deserve to know who the perpetrators are, if indeed, the blast was deliberately set off. However as authorities are still determining the cause of last Friday's explosion, the only responsible thing to do right now is to practice restraint in issuing malicious statements and innuendoes regarding the alleged motive and perpetrators of the blast. When we make serious accusations without hard evidence, we are doing a disservice to the nation, because these charges and counter charges are just confusing the public even more," Kiko said.

"As national leaders, we should help in enlightening the public. We are expected to provide clarity and direction rather than add to the mayhem and confusion. There are victims to be assisted and public security to be ensured. Let's stop bickering and just wait for the outcome of the investigation," Kiko ended.

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