Press Release
October 28, 2007


"Was the NSC meeting all for show?"

Echoing public doubt on the PNP theory that the Glorietta Mall blast might have been a failure in public safety rather than the work of terrorists, Senate Majority Leader Kiko Pangilinan today urged the authorities to reveal the findings of the FBI and Australian investigators engaged in the probe.

"Is the PNP afraid that if the FBI and the Australians are made to talk they would be singing a different tune?" asked Kiko.

A National Security Council (NSC) meeting was called for by the President three days after the explosion that sent shockwaves that agitated the nation's relatively stable economy. There, she issued a directive to have the FBI and the Australian investigators assisting the PNP face the media to relay their own findings in relation to the accident theory.

"One week after the directive, the FBI and the Australian investigators have yet to surface to speak up in support of the accident theory.

Instead we have these news reports about a supposed Israeli bomb expert publicly endorsing the accident theory. Why haven't the FBI and the Australian investigators surfaced despite the directive of PGMA?," asked Kiko, who was present at the NSC meeting last Monday.

Until now, the public is yet to see the result of the investigations made by the FBI and the Australian probers, and the PNP remains unsuccessful in producing a definite finding on the real cause of the explosion that killed 11 people and injured scores of others.

"Why aren't the FBI and the Australian investigators coming out w/ their findings? Why is the presidential directive unimplemented? Are their findings consistent w/ the PNP angle? We need to know considering that 1) Ayala has expressed disagreement w/ the accident theory; 2) Sen. Trillanes claims to have witnesses who will attest to it being a bomb blast and; 3) Mayor Binay wanting an independent probe on the blast undertaken. These conflicting positions need to be addressed," said Kiko.

Amid allegations that the blast might have been a deliberate attempt to divert public attention away from the string of corruption and bribery scandals hounding the President and her family, Kiko advised the authorities to "let the FBI and the Australian investigators talk. Let's see what they have got."

"Let's have the directive implemented as soon as possible so we can get a better picture of the truth behind the blast. We are simply asking the authorities to do what the President directed them to do. Or was that NSC meeting all for show?" Kiko ended.

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