Press Release
November 8, 2007


Interparliamentary courtesy should not restrict the Senate from investigating the incident regarding cash bribes handed out in Malacanang to Congressmen and Local Government Officials. This courtesy should not apply since the Members of the House of Representatives themselves revoked it when one of them implicated his colleague in this scandal.

Representative Abante has already pointed to Representative Villarosa, so why should this courtesy be invoked when the house members themselves obviously do not follow it.

If the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee is really serious about its mandate and intends to arrive at the truth, then Representatives Abante and Villarosa should be made to appear before the Senate. Why should they be afraid if they have nothing to hide?

Ethics and common decency dictate that National interest should not be sacrificed for mere parliamentary courtesy. This is not a good enough reason to cover up a scandal.

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