Press Release
December 11, 2007

'Napakalayo ng ChaCha sa bituka ni Juan dela Cruz!'

Amid renewed talks of Charter Change in the House of Representatives, Senate Majority Leader and Independent senator Kiko Pangilinan today challenged

the latest move to revise the Constitution saying "it only sidetracks us from the real issues."

'Pushing for ChaCha now is like buying accessories for a car that doesn't even have an engine. Instead of exhausting Congress' time on this subject, let's direct our attention to relevant legislation that will respond straightaway to the needs of our people. Napakalayo ng ChaCha sa bituka ni Juan dela Cruz!' Kiko said.

Proposals to amend the 1987 Constitution have been revived at the House of Representatives this week. At least four measures, two calling for a constitutional convention (con-con), are set for deliberations today at the committee on constitutional amendments headed by La Union Representative Victor Ortega.

"Charter Change at this point is very untimely as government needs to concern itself with more pressing issues such as the oil price increase, the lack of job opportunities for our impoverished citizens, the quality of education, among other matters that have direct effect on the everyday lives of our people" Kiko said.

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