Press Release
December 17, 2007

Transcript of interview with Senator Pia S. Cayetano

Q: Comment po ninyo sa Jalosjos case...

SPSC: I am so disappointed because once more the government displays its flip-flop attitude about important issues. A month ago the President already said that she will grant pardon when he turns 70. So nagulat ako last week nang lumabas na naman yung Jalosjos pardon. Akala ko ba tapos na yung issue? I have already made a statement na I'm against it, and all in view of the nature of the case which involved the rape of a minor. I was trying to figure out what was going on and then I came across a news report saying the Bureau of Corrections had come up with an order. I am wondering what its basis was. Ang alam ko 'yung 70 years old, pero yung huling order hindi ko talaga maintindihan.

Narinig ko na nga lang that the DOJ secretary has now withdrawn it and the President knew nothing about it. Of course I am happy with that, to the extent na hindi nga ako supportive sa commutation ng 11 years. But then again, I am very curious of what the guidelines are, and now it appears something really fishy is going on.

For an order to be signed, it must have gone through the process. So the question is: what kind of process? Was there a shortcutting of the process, or was there really a process. That should be looked into. Kasi kaduda-duda pala yung process na yan na sinusunod.

It is so disappointing, and this is not the first time, you keep seeing this. Iba yung diskarte, iba yung sinasabi. It's a flip-flop in so many things, including the revival of the anti- subversion law. Ano ba talaga yun? Did the President really want it herself or no? I recall that she said she wanted it. And now hindi ko alam kung siya ang bumabawi nito o staff lang niya. And I'm glad na binabawi. Pero to begin with, hindi ba nila muna ito pinag-aralan?

Q: What's the latest on the Trillanes' resolution?

SPSC: Nothing has changed since last week. After receiving (Sen. Defensor's) memo, and after having a private conversation with her and informing the Senate President, I was consulting with them on how to proceed at this point. Definitely, we will go into caucus or hearing. Baka today, on the floor, ma-manifest na ang members of the Ethics Committee so then we can take the next step.

Like Senator Miriam Santiago has said, what her immediate concern is for (the resolution) to be taken up lang to establish the fact that senators have the right to discipline their peers. She's not naman insisting that it be a particular punishment.

Q: After the manifestation of the committee membership what happens next?

SPSC: As Chair, then I will now have a committee. First of all I would have an organizational meeting and from there I can ask them how they would like to proceed, kung caucus or hearing.

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