Press Release
December 20, 2007


The University of the Philippines (UP), as it approaches its centenary next year, breathes new hope in keeping its reputation as one of Asia's best institutions of higher learning after the Senate yesterday ratified and approved on final reading "Senate Bill 1964" a bill updating the university's century old charter.

Senate Majority Leader and Independent senator Kiko Pangilinan, author and principal sponsor of the new UP charter, said that the perceived decline of UP's standing in the international academic community is attributable to the unavailability of funds to cover for the expenses of quality education.

"We advocated, and in fact faced the rigors of the legislative grind for 12 long years because we recognize the urgent of updating the UP charter to cope with the demands of cutting edge 21st century education such as the need for better facilities and services, as well as keeping our dedicated professors from seeking greener pastures in the private sector or even abroad," Kiko said, himself a UP Student Council President and First Student Regent of the UP system.

Kiko furthers that with the ratification of the UP Charter Act, the university will finally have autonomy needed to generate the necessary income through the efficient use of its resources and assets.

"The concerns with respect to tuition fee hike, the mass exodus of professors, or the deterioration of facilities and services, will be more easily addressed since UP will be able to augment its own funds which shall be readily available to best serve the interests of the students, our future leaders, our Iskolar ng Bayan," Kiko ended.

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