Press Release
January 13, 2008

Angara to amend Philippine Civil Service Code

Senator Edgardo J. Angara has authored a bill seeking to amend existing laws in the Philippine Civil Service Code. "There is an urgent need to repeal and modify existing decrees and administrative issuances relative to civil service to fully advance the professionalism of the government bureaucracy," he stressed.

"There are laws and regulations that govern the operation of the civil service. Yet, there are still apparent gaps that often cause problems and controversies due to inconsistencies in said issuances or obsoleteness in light of the changing times," Angara said.

The proposed measure seeks to address the problems confronting the public service such as: graft and corruption, red tape, violations of employees' rights, violations of the merit and fitness principle, partisan political activities, inadequate benefits and privileges of employees, organization ineffectiveness and the unnecessary delays in the delivery of frontline services.

"As the central personnel agency of the government, the Civil Service Commission shall adopt measures aimed at promoting efficiency in all government agencies," he pointed out.

The salient features of the proposed bill are: 1) shortened adjudication process in administrative cases 2) decentralized functions of the Civil Service Commission to government agencies 3) substantive reduction of management discretion in personnel actions thereby requiring agencies to hire the best qualified applicants 4) enhanced employees' rights particularly the right to job security and protection from partisan influences and 5) restructured employee privileges to conform to current norms ad standards, including expanded leave privileges.

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