Press Release
January 15, 2008


Senator Edgardo J. Angara today seeks to grant additional benefits to barangay executives, saying it will provide them with a certain level of comfort despite performing a difficult task.

"The Barangay Captain, as Executive Officer, implements developmental projects of the government. Over time, the Barangay had evolved as a critical factor in the implementation and success of the government's law enforcement agenda," said Senator Angara.

He added, "in the performance of his functions, Barangay Captains inevitably cross paths with criminals. It comes with the territory. It is a fact that a good number of Barangay Captains and their families have become the victims of vengeance and retaliation."

In this light, Senator Angara drafted the Expanded Barangay Captain's Insurance Act, which will provide supplemental benefits to barangay executives for death, injuries and sickness sustained in the course of its duty.

Under this bill, a barangay captain may claim death benefits amounting to P250, 000.00 provided it was caused by assassination, accident, and other similar circumstances while in conduct of official duty, and burial expenses in an amount not exceeding P50,000.00.

In addition, a barangay executive may also be entitled to reimbursement for actual medical expenses in an amount not exceeding P100, 000.00 for injuries sustained from attempted assassination, accident, and other similar circumstances while in conduct of official duty.

However, these benefits shall not be given if death, sickness or injury was caused by the following: (1) gross negligence of barangay captain; (2) willful intention to injure or kill oneself; (3) habitual drunkenness or intoxication; (4) unauthorized absence or abandonment of office for at least one month prior to injury, sickness or death; (5) such analogous grounds and circumstances.

"In the implementation of government policies, plans and programs, the Barangay, as the basic political unit of the country, plays a very significant role. By providing them with benefits, it ensures smooth implementation of government's initiatives for national development at the grassroot level," said Senator Angara.

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