Press Release
February 5, 2008


If he can't get a fair hearing in the House he once headed, ousted Speaker Jose de Venecia is most welcome to spill the beans in the chamber he worked so hard to abolish, Sen. Chiz Escudero today said.

"If he needs a venue, as the House now appears to be hostile territory to him, he will find a cordial place in the Senate to make his confessions. The good Speaker should treat this as an open invitation, courtesy of an institution he once labored mightily to destroy", Escudero said.

Should the former fourth highest official in the land decide to testify in the Senate on anomalies committed by the administration, he should be prepared to be rebutted by government officials who I think must appear and for their sake must not let JDV's accusations go unchallenged", Escudero said.

With De Venecia's encyclopedic knowledge on the workings of the present government, including deals it had entered into, then the Speaker must tell all, and the Senate provides the venue, for such a narration.

Escudero said the former speaker should stand by his words at the halls of Congress yesterday. "Hamon ko di dapat tumigil sa bitin at bakit ngayon ka lang speech. Hamon ko di lamang sa salita pero pati gawa patunayan niya ang bukambibig niyang moral revolution", Escudero ended.

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