Press Release
February 16, 2008

Press statement of Sen. M.A. Madrigal

The obstruction of justice case against Gloria Arroyo,, is not a political gimmick. Is that WHAT "all the President's men" have to say? SUCH A PITY THAT FIRST ABALOS THEN NOW ATIENZA like pawns IN A CHESS GAME are being sacrificed in the altar of greed and corruption to take a bullet for their queen! KAAWA AWA SILA! Magising na sana sa katotohanan ang mga tao ni Mrs. Arroyo at sumama na sa taong-bayan.

The case I filed, assisted by the Public Interest Law Center in the Ombudsman AIMS to seek out the truth and demand accountability. The hearings being conducted by the blue ribbon committee are in aid of legislation, the obstruction of justice case on the other hand was filed to hold these people accountable.

WALANG TIGIL SA PAGGAWA NG GIMMICK SI GMA. By refusing to acknowledge the truth and face the consequences, she CONTINUES TO EMPLOY diversionary tactics such as directing the Department of Justice to do their own investigations, FUNDING LOCAL OFFICIALS FOR CHARTER CHANGE AND LEAKING TERRORIST PLOTS TO KILL HER.

Harapin na lang ni Mrs. Arroyo ang kaso. Huwag silang magtago. THE TRUTH HAS COME OUT, TIME TO FACE THE MUSIC!

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