Press Release
February 29, 2008

Chiz to politicians on today's protest rally:

Opposition senator Chiz Escudero today asked fellow politicians to give way to private citizens to lead the protest action set against the Arroyo administration today.

Escudero said politicians should let ordinary people take center stage to give them the opportunity to have a say in recapturing the power of the people over the government that has long been ignoring the will of the people.

"Let this day present an opportunity for the private citizens to speak their minds and repeatedly make it known to this administration how they failed and refused to respond to the people's needs. This is the most opportune time for ordinary folks to literally take to the streets and lead a clear demonstration of the will of the people."

Escudero said that politicians should choose to take the backseat today and just lend their support behind the people in calling for truth and change in the administration.

"Politicians do not have the monopoly of leadership. It has always been convenient for politicians to take charge in past protect actions, but it is already high time that we let the private citizens hold the rein and make their will take over".

"We politicians always have a ready venue in our session halls to air our grievances and sentiments against the government. We can do this anytime, any day. But when people lend their voices together, that doesn't happen everyday".

Escudero called on the private citizens, especially the students to take this chance to make their voices heard in calling for truth and accountability.

"The power held by the leaders that be in the government is not intrinsic to them. It has been proven that when people withhold their consent and support from their government, that government loses its control and strength".

The senator went on to say that the Filipino people is now in a situation where its government is already beyond control, blatantly ignoring the demonstrated will of the people. "The government draws its power from the people who put them in that place, it is also the people who can strip them of this power.

"The private citizens should hold the torch now on the way to change. Participate and add your voices to the writing of a new leaf in our history".

Despite the threats of clashes with the police authorities dispatched by the administration to quell today's action, Escudero reminded the people to allow the process to take place peacefully and orderly as a united citizenry is a better weapon system against any police and military weapons.

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