Press Release
March 12, 2008


I invoke section 20[1] of the Rules of the Commission on Appointments with respect to all nominations submitted for confirmation today. As Minority Floor Leader of the Commission, I invoke this powerful provision of our Rules to send a strong message - Reform the Commission now! Tapusin na natin ang bata- bata at padrino system sa Commission on Appointments.

Our constitution empower the members of the Commission on Appointments, to serve as a check and balance on whimsical, impractical, scandalous, or unworthy executive appointments, designations, and promotions. Our Congress and the Commission's rules also grant the minority a means to counter the tyranny of the majority when, in the judgment of individual members, further reflection is required on an appointment or promotion.

Sadly, however, the rules of the Commission are now being violated with impunity. This is grossly unfair to the members in the diplomatic corps and the officers in the Armed Forces of the Philippines who do not have padrinos to sponsor their confirmation. Equity and fair-play demand that we level the playing field in the confirmation process.

Until the members of the Commission, particularly those in the majority learn to respect the rules, I shall continue to invoke section 20 and other legal remedies available to me. The Commission is a separate constitutional body from the Senate and the House of Representatives. Kung patuloy nilang gagawin ang padrino system, handa akong gawin

ang lahat upang itaguyod ang interes at karapatan ng mga taong nararapat sa promotion, at hindi ang mga may padrino lamang.

[1] SECTION 20. SUSPENSION OF CONSIDERATION OF NOMINATIONS OR APPOINTMENTS. Any member may move for the suspension of action by the Commission on any nomination or appointment favorably recommended by a standing committee and the Chairman shall suspend the consideration of said nomination or appointment: Provided, that, such suspension may be taken up on the next succeeding session of the Commission; Provided, further, that this section shall not apply to nominations or appointments taken up by the Commission during the last session prior to an adjournment of Congress.

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