Press Release
March 16, 2008


Some may have been wondering why Senator Edgardo J. Angara has not been seen in any of the Senate hearings on the $329-million ZTE-NBN broadband anomaly.

In an interview by DZRH station manager Joe Taruc yesterday, Angara said he voluntarily inhibited himself from the ZTE investigations to avoid any implications of conflict of interest because his former law office, ACCRA, was the legal counsel of ZTE Corp.

"I want to maintain my impartiality that's why I inhibit myself from all these investigations, but it doesn't mean that I'm not doing anything. They can always check on my performance in the committee and plenary level of the Senate," he stressed.

While his fellow senators are busy investigating government scandals, Angara is busy crafting laws that will greatly benefit the Filipinos. "There are other important committees that we must also attend to," he said.

Angara was the principal author and one of the sponsors of three milestone bills that were signed into law this year. These are the Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF), the Civil Aviation Act, and the 2008 National Budget of which Angara was the chairman of the Senate Subcommittee C on Finance.

"I'm very much committed and dedicated to my work as a legislator and I would continue to create laws that will improve the lives of many Filipinos," he said.

Before the session adjourned, he sponsored the Pre-need code of 2007 which seeks to protect educational, medical and other planholders from malpractices perpetrated by unscrupulous pre-need companies.

The bill adopts the Trust Fund Model currently employed by the SEC. Under this model, a portion of the installment payment collected shall be deposited by the pre-need company in the appropriate trust fund.

"This would help guarantee the delivery of benefits to the plan holder in the future, and minimize the risk of insolvency as the trust fund will remain untouched until the plan matures."

"If managed and implemented properly, it could be an effective mobilizer of savings for our country."

Angara is hoping that the said measure will be passed into law when session resumes next month.

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