Press Release
June 11, 2008

Press statement of Senator M.A. Madrigal

Our constitution empowers the members of the Commission on Appointments, to serve as a check and balance on whimsical, impractical, scandalous, or unworthy executive appointments, designations, and promotions.

Sadly, however the present Commission itself does not observe the constitution. What right do we have to raise issues on corruption, when this Commission is not observing the constitution? What right do we have to serve as serious checks and balance to the executive, when this Commission itself through its padrino and bata-bata system refuses to follow the proportional representation requirement in our Constitution?

The CA spends P292 Million a year. Is this the reason why members of congress refuse to give up their seats? This amount:

  • Can feed 5.8 Million Filipino Families of (2) kilos of rice in (1) day.

  • 1,500 classrooms can be built for public schools nationwide at an average cost of P200, 000/classroom.

  • 17,200 students can be sent to a private school at an average tuition fee of P17, 000/ year.

  • For public schools 97,000 students can be allotted P3, 000 each for books and uniforms for (1) year use.

I have written the Senate President several times and until now the issue remains unresolved by the Senate Committee on Rules. Unless and until this prejudicial question is resolved, there is a cloud of doubt on all actions being undertaken by this illegal and anomalous Commission.

Clearly, the Commission under the leadership of Senate President Villar has gravely abused its discretion. I am left with no recourse but to file a complaint before the Supreme Court to nullify all actions made by this anomalous and illegal Commission.

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