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June 12, 2008

Gordon hits CA for injustice dealt to Abadilla

Senator Richard Gordon expressed dismay after the powerful Commission on Appointments (CA) denied the nomination of Air Force Colonel Arthur Abadilla during the plenary session last Wednesday.

"Abadilla has served the country well. We can imagine his family waiting for his return home, only to be dismayed that his appointment was not confirmed over a mere technicality. Is this how we reward years of dedication and painful sacrifice?" said Gordon.

Alluding to "substantive justice," Gordon upheld that it was not Abadilla's fault that the nomination signed by Malacanang on 29 November 2007 reached the CA on 4 December and that Abadilla's birthday fell on a Sunday, December 2.

"I just met him today here at plenary session, but I believe it is very, very unfair if he is going to lose the promotion only because of a technicality. His colorful military career as seen in the evidence before us, shows how he devoted his life to serving the country. I don't think this is fair and just. Buong pag-asa ng kanyang pamilya na sa pag-uwi niya sa kanyang tahanan ay buong pagmamalaki niyang masasabi na isa na siyang heneral."

Gordon, whose argument was supported by Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Rodolfo Biazon, Manuel Roxas II and Loren Legarda explained that December 2 fell on a Sunday and Malacañang could not have submitted its nomination of Abadilla on that day.

Abadilla turned 55 Dec. 2, 2007, making him ineligible for re-nomination following CA's inaction on his nomination in December.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson opposed Abadilla's nomination on a technicality saying that the law on promotions in the military prohibited the promotion to the rank of brigadier general/commodore or higher with less than one year of active service remaining before compulsory retirement at age 56.

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