Press Release
June 16, 2008

Villar on CARP:

The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program extension bill is in the committee level, and as a matter of policy, it is the committee chairman who steers the process of the measure's passage.

Clearly, the Senate is demanding an accounting and evaluation of past efforts and funds in scrutinizing the legislation aimed at guaranteeing the ultimate welfare of our farmers.

It is important to carefully assess the implementation of the law and ensure that its extension will genuinely and truly benefit the landless.

Under the prevailing system, there has been no mechanism to account for all the money being spent for the program, so that nothing happened all these years.

Thus, we need to correct every mistake. We cannot pass this law with our eyes closed and while ignoring inadequacies.

We seek the cooperation of the executive in providing us not with bundles of raw data but with meaningfully analyzed information necessary in evaluating the law and its implementation.

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