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July 4, 2008

Senate reports performance

During the First Regular Session of the Senate under the leadership of Senate President Manny Villar, the different Senate committees conducted a total of 372 public hearings, technical working groups (TWG), and meetings.

Among the most active Senate committees are the finance committee which had 46 hearings and meetings including a bicameral meeting; blue ribbon committee which conducted 22 investigative hearings and TWGs; education committee which had 22 hearings; justice committee, 18; banks, 18; foreign relations, 15; defense, 15; environment, 14; health, 14; ways and means, 12; trade and commerce, 12; cooperatives, 12; urban planning, 11; and public order and illegal drugs, 10.

At least 10 of the 17 oversight committees conducted a total of 24 meetings, hearings, en banc sessions, and briefings. Among the active ones are the:

  • Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Automated Election System (four hearings/meetings)

  • Joint Congressional Commission on Power (four hearings/meetings)

  • Congressional Oversight Commission on Science and Technology (four en banc meetings/TWG)

  • Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on Agricultural and Fisheries Modernization (four en banc meetings/organizational meeting)

  • Joint Congressional Oversight Commission on Labor (two en banc meetings)

  • Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (two briefing sessions)

A total of 78 Committee Reports were likewise filed during the First Regular Session, including:

  • Committee Report No. 20 on SB 1532--"Compensation Act to Victims of Human Rights Violations"

  • Committee Report No. 42 on SB 2121--"Electric Power Industry Reform Act"

  • Committee Report No. 18 on SB 1882--"Personal Equity and Retirement Account Act"

  • Committee Report No. 28 on SB 1978--The Anti-Torture Act of 1978

A total of eight bicameral conference committee meetings were conducted, leading to the signing of these laws: The General Appropriations Act of 2008; Cheaper Medicines Act; An Act to Strengthen the University of the Philippines as the National University; The Magna Carta for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises; An Act to Extend the Utilization Period of the Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund; An Act Allowing Filipino World War II Veterans to Continue Receiving Philippine Government Pensions and Benefits Notwithstanding Similar Pensions and Benefits Provided by the United States; and An Act Creating the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

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