Press Release
July 23, 2008

"Government should show public it can implement the law--don't delay polls!"

Senate Majority Leader and election reform advocate Kiko Pangilinan today opposed Malacañang's endorsement of the ARMM elections postponement.

"Effective governance requires that we implement our laws in full. The ARMM election is mandated by law. Government should show the public that it is capable of implementing its own laws. Thus, I do not favor the postponement of the ARMM elections," Kiko said.

Malacañang earlier announced that it is contemplating the postponement of the ARMM Elections set in August 11 this year due to certain developments in the peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

"The decision to call for postponement is ill-advised. It creates the perception that government is weak and incapable of getting things done and making things happen," Kiko added.

"The exercise of effective leadership requires getting things done and producing results that would benefit our people and our constitutional democracy," Kiko ended.

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