Press Release
July 24, 2008


Senator Bong Revilla expressed his hope that the coming State of the Nation Address (SONA) will contain an honest determination of the country's prevailing situation, while expressing his optimism that it will be full of solutions to the present economic crisis.

According to the senator, it is only proper that Malacañang lay down to the Filipino people its plans in addressing the rising cost of food, fuel and services, and rising poverty.

He stressed that the public, particularly the poor, should be convinced and be assured that the government is seriously exerting all efforts to alleviate poverty.

"What we need are concrete programs. I am optimistic that the SONA will be full of specific answers, not cloudy proposals. It will determine the country's direction," said Revilla.

The lawmaker pointed out that government action that will produce durable results is what the people deserve to effectively ease them from their financial burden.

Revilla further explained that the socio-economic programs for the medium and long-terms have already been articulated in the previous SONAs and what the people want to hear right now are answers to everyday problems, which are expected to worsen before it gets better.

"Subsidies and credit programs are good, but we need efforts that have long lasting gains like job creation, more aggressive and proactive socio-economic programs. We provide them relief, and at the same time give opportunities for work. Efforts to improve education must also be given attention, " he said.

Revilla added that he would want to hear a substantial portion of the SONA be devoted to the government's programs on alternative sources of fuel such as Compressed Natural Gas, and hydroelectric and geothermal energy, which he believes is necessary in facing the worsening global oil crisis.

Revilla vowed to continue pushing for a legislated wage hike. He earlier filed Senate Bill No. 2179 that would provide a P125 daily across-the-board increase in the salary rates of employees and workers in the private sector.

He also called for genuine reconciliation and unity because of the undeniable grave situation of the economy.

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