Press Release
August 4, 2008


Senate Majority Leader and judicial reform advocate Kiko Pangilinan today urged the Supreme Court to immediately resolve and make public the finding on CA bribery controversy saying, "the SC needs to act quickly to salvage the public image of the judiciary and the longer it takes to rule on this issue, the greater the damage to the judiciary's image."

"The judiciary is our democracy's last resort, and if even this branch of government is mired by corruption then this spells the breakdown of the rule of law in the nation," Kiko said.

The CA controversy broke out when Justice Jose Sabio, Jr. alleged before presiding justice Conrado Vasquez that he was offered P10M by an emissary of Meralco to inhibit himself from a case filed against Electric Power Company against the Government Service Insurance System.

"The SC needs to act with resolve, and it must not waste any time so that it can show the people that not only does their judiciary forbid corruption of any kind, but that they likewise have a working and unforgiving justice system. Failure to do so will embolden more ill-intentioned entities to commit crimes, and we can not afford for this to happen. The buck is now with the highest court on the land and the nation awaits its action," Kiko ended.

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