Press Release
August 13, 2008

KIKO WARNS: ConAss may spark another uprising!

Senate majority Leader and Independent senator Kiko Pangilinan today scored Malacañang's pronouncement that it's all systems go for Charter Change (ChaCha).

"This is precisely why I opposed both the timing and the mode of Senator Pimentel's resolution. It appears my worst fears are coming true, as we now see government riding on the resolution to push it self-serving agenda," Kiko said.

Press Secretary Jesus Dureza made the announcement yesterday, a day after PGMA herself said that she favors federalism to solve the problem in Mindanao.

"Once ConAss is underway, political law principles provide that a constituent assembly is like a fourth branch of government and no one can prevent the discussion of term extension or other amendments such as the shift to a parliamentary form of government. The Constitution allows for everything and anything to be tackled in a con ass and limiting the debates to federalism is of doubtful legality," Kiko added.

"We are against ChaCha before 2010, and if government recklessly pushes for it, this may very well be the spark that will lead to a people's uprising against this government. Our call to government: Get real! Stop ChaCha now. They do not have the support from a vast majority of our people to make it happen," Kiko ended.

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