Press Release
August 20, 2008

True intent of chacha moves easy to see -- Loren

Senator Loren Legarda called today on the people to be more vigilant in discerning the true intentions of those pushing to amend the Constitution in order to change the country's form of government.

Legarda said that Filipinos have reasons to be wary that the government may be floating the idea of charter change anew to extend the term of the present administration.

She lauded the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines led by its president Angel Lagdameo for taking a stand against tampering with the organic law of the land to serve ulterior motives.

"Charter change per se is not bad, but because of the seeming underhanded intention of the government, people are left wondering why charter change is being pushed," she said.

The senator was among the first to question the botched draft memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). It will be recalled that the Arroyo administration saw a breakthrough in reviving the call for charter change when constitutional issues were raised relative to the provisions in the MOA. The Office of the Solicitor General has manifested before the Supreme Court that the MOA will undergo a thorough review.

"Now that the MOA is scheduled for a thorough review, there is no apparent necessity to revive the call for charter change at this time" Legarda said.

"As lawmakers oppose charter change, they will unreasonably tie that opposition to cha-cha to the collapse of the peace talks."

While amending the constitution is part of the democratic process, the timing of the present cha-cha initiatives is highly suspicious, she said.

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