Press Release
August 29, 2008


Senate Majority Leader Kiko Pangilinan today clarified that his record-making independent campaign for the 2007 Senatorial Elections was "ram faithfully within the confines of the Fair Elections Act."

"Contrary to the allegations of the group Pera at Pulitika, my 2007 campaign did not exceed the 120 minutes of airtime allowed per candidate. As a matter of fact, I was not even able to use up all my minutes due to financial constraints," Kiko said.

SenatorKiko made history after being the first incumbent senator to run for re-election without a party and win. He landed at the Top 5 in the 2007 Senatorial Race.

"The confusion on the part of Pera at Pulitika's study I think comes from the fact that we borrowed time from my party, the Liberal Party. I am open to an accounting of this, as we have records and monitoring that can be validated by our media planners," Kiko asserted.

"Likewise, we call on Pera at Pulitika to open up to the public how they came up with their assertions so as not to bring confusion to the electorate. My independent stance was precisely because we want to change politics as usual in this country, and we want to get rid of tired, deceitful tactics winning elections. We proved this was possible when we ran and won, and we will not allow this to be tarnished by erroneous claims," Kiko ended.

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