Press Release
September 4, 2008

Noynoy 'deeply regrets' SC decision on Neri case

The recent Supreme Court decision on the Neri case shackled not only the basic right of the people to demand transparency and accountability from its erring leaders but also prevented a vigilant Senate from fulfilling its duty and responsibility to effectively check the powers of an abusive Executive.

Under oath Mr. Neri has categorically admitted the following: first, that Chairman Abalos attempted to bribe him; second, that he reported this to the President, and third, that the President did nothing about this. Does this sequence of events not illustrate the covering up of a crime, participated in no less by the highest official of the land?

The Supreme Court was given an opportunity to declare that it is so, consistent with law and jurisprudence. Unfortunately, they have chosen to act otherwise, a decision that we respect but deeply regret.

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