Press Release
September 4, 2008


The peace process is a casualty of Mrs. Arroyo's failure to provide a clear- cut and consistent national policy. She has politicized the peace process and her flip flopping pronouncements have destroyed the GRP's credibility. It is even unclear whether she has dissolved the GRP peace panel itself as a body or merely wishes to change its membership.

The Arroyo Administration's new pronouncement of "disarm and demobilize to forge authentic peace talks", proves that they are not negotiating in good faith. Asking the MILF demobilize and disarm as a precondition to continuing peace talks is tantamount to unconditional surrender. This the MILF will never do.

It seems that Mrs Arroyo pretend to negotiate for peace but intends to continue the war. Disarment and demobilization should be the end result of peace talks and not a pre-condition to peace negotiations. This is the "mother of all deal breakers". Expect no peace in Mindanao under Mrs Arroyo's regime. Expect only innocent blood to flow. No credibility, no good will, no vision equals protracted war.

Mrs Arroyo congratulations, you've done it again!

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