Press Release
September 7, 2008


Neophyte Senator Chiz Escudero garnered the highest trust rating among all public officials surveyed by the Pulse Asia in its Ulat Ng Bayan survey for July 1-14.

Escudero topped with a 75% trust rating among the country's public officials which includes President Arroyo, Vice President Noli De Castro, Senate President Manny Villar, all incumbent senators, House Speaker Prospero Nograles, cabinet members, former President Erap Estrada and selected public figures.

President Arroyo garnered 19% trust rate, Vice President De Castro 53%, Senate President Manny Villar at 65%, House Speaker Prospero Nograles at 22% and former President Estrada at 44%.

In topping the trust rating survey, Escudero was followed by Senator Loren Legarda who gathered 71% with Senator Mar Roxas coming in third with a 69% rating.

The survey was based on a multi-stage probability sample of 1,200 representative adults 18 years and above. The survey has a +/-3% error margin at the 95% confidence level.

In the period prior to the conducting of the survey, the news headlines focused on developments having to do with the increasing demand for NFA rice across the country, the granting of subsidies to the Filipino poor particularly through the administration's Katas ng VAT program, the signing ninto law of the Cheaper Medicines and Tax Exemption Bills, the president's call for review of power rates being charged by MERALCO and GSIS, several natural disasters in the country and the world, worsening global food crisis, the continuing increase in oil and food prices, the depreciation of the local currency, and sustained calls for further wage increase and fare hikes.

Meanwhile, the Pulse Asia survey also showed Escudero continues to register a very high approval rating across the country, 79% vs. 77% in March 2008.

Of the 23 members of the Senate included in the said survey, he also is the most approved with an approval rating which is much higher than the mean (56%) and median (53%) approval scores recorded for all Senators.

Escudero was closely followed by Loren Legarda with a 78% approval rating. Senator Mar Roxas emerged third with a 74% rating.

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