Press Release
October 14, 2008


Senate Majority Leader and Independent senator Kiko Pangilinan, who was among the first to question the provisions of the GRP-MILF Peacepact, today lauded the Supreme Court's decision upholding that the said agreement is against the Constitution.

"We welcome the SC's verdict on this controversial peacepact. It should serve as a lesson that if you promise more than what is possible, that if you deal in secrecy, and that if you push for an agreement that is full of legal incongruities, then everything is bound to backfire. Hindi lulusot ang palpak, kahit na ipilit," Kiko said.

The high court voted 8-7 against the pact that creates a Bangsamoro with the powers and elements of the State. It also surrenders its authority over exploitation of natural resources as the Bangsamoro territory, under the agreement, will no longer form part of the national domain. After much upheaval from local executives and legal experts, the government announced that it will no longer sign the agreement in its present form.

Kiko was quick to warn the public however that "vigilance is needed as a Motion for Reconsideration can still overturn the decision."

"While the Palace claims that the decision is moot and academic, the underlying message here is that we will not solve the problem in Mindanao if we will use tired methods. The only way to solve this problem is for both camps to show their good faith in such huge measures," Kiko said.

"The Filipino nation is paying such a high price for this war to continue. We reiterate our call for government to declare ceasefire and resume peacetalks," Kiko ended.

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