Press Release
October 14, 2008


Apparently, the DPWH is caught sleeping on its job after three billboards on EDSA fell Monday afternoon, injuring five people and again, snarling traffic. The inspection and monitoring of billboards should be on a regular basis, not after there is already an accident. This is a clear sample of ningas-kugon.

Early this year, the DPWH disclosed in our committee hearing that there is a prevalence of giant billboards on condemned or abandoned buildings in the metropolis. In that meeting, they also stated that they have already dismantled all billboards that have no permits.

Why then is the DPWH saying that these collapsed billboards have no permits? This is a sign of incompetence. Baka ang baklasan ng billboard ay dapat sabayan ng sibakan ng mga opisyal ng DPWH.

Dapat na talagang aprobahan na natin ang Anti-Billboard Blight Bill para magkaroon tayo ng kamandag laban sa mga abusadong outdoor advertisers. The outdoor advertising sector should also police its own ranks.

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