Press Release
October 14, 2008


"I congratulate the Supreme Court for putting its foot down on the politics of adventurism.

"For so long, the Arroyo government has operated on the notorious maxim that 'we will do what we want, good or bad, and if you don't agree, then sue us.' This decision teaches the lesson that irresponsible executive leadership cannot prevail indefinitely in the presence of a vigilant judiciary.

"This issue is not only about the limits of Presidential power. It is about dismembering our Republic and manipulating the peace process to instigate Charter change. On both counts, the Supreme Court has effectively stopped the executive and its indiscriminate acts of deception and coercion.

"It is time for the Arroyo administration to be humbled and ask for the people's forgiveness: for sacrificing the lives of hundreds and for wrenching out half-a-million evacuees from their homes, communities and livelihoods.

"I call on all peace-loving Filipinos, whether Muslim, Christian or Lumad: let us keep up the continuing fight for peace, justice and responsible governance. Let us continue our dialogue on how the peace process should come about for the common good of all. We have two years to craft the people's peace plan that would be implemented more credibly by the next government.

"This is the beginning of real peace in Mindanao based on truth and justice. Let the people of Mindanao and the entire nation celebrate this triumph of justice over the reckless abuse of power."

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