Press Release
October 25, 2008

Sen. Santiago's reply to PNP Chief Versoza's request to the Senate Foreign Relations Commitee

25 October 2008

Director General Jesus A. Versoza
Chief, Philippine National Police

Dear Director General Versoza:

          The Committee on Foreign Relations denies your request to go into executive session, because there is no indication that your interrogation as a witness endangers national security.

          At the committee hearing on 23 October 2008, you were sworn before giving testimony. Under oath, you testified that you did not know about the P6.9 million cash carried out of the country by PNP Comptroller Eliseo dela Paz. I understand that you are now requesting for an executive session in order to explain the purpose for which the cash was allegedly intended. Necessarily, you are contradicting yourself.

          We, therefore, find that your request for executive session is based on sham and frivolous grounds.


                                                                              Sincerely yours,


                                                                               MIRIAM DEFENSOR SANTIAGO

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