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November 6, 2008

Gordon: Obama's victory signals historic paradigm shift for all nations

Independent Senator Richard J. Gordon has sent his congratulations to US President-elect Barack Obama and hailed his ascendancy to the highest post of the most powerful country on earth as a triumph for all peace and freedom loving countries.

"I join the rest of the world in extending our warmest congratulations to US President Elect Barack Obama for his historical electoral victory. His ascendancy to the most powerful post in the world as the first African American President signals a political and cultural paradigm shift as it sends a clear and loud message to peace and freedom loving nations -- CHANGE IS IN OUR HANDS," said Gordon in a statement.

He further stressed that the impossible has happened and resonated Obama's victory speech saying that change has indeed come to America.

"It was made possible by the power of the ordinary people. It was made possible by thousands upon thousands of volunteers who went from door to door and street by street. Obama's victory shows us that ordinary people with a deep and abiding commitment to change the course of their country will triumph over even the most powerful and the most moneyed candidate," said Gordon.

The Independent Senator likewise said that the recent US Presidential Elections highlighted the use of automation in America's electoral process. It also demonstrated their government's speed in implementing improvements, specially in the state of Florida, that would prevent a repeat of the a protracted electoral contest between then Presidential Candiate Al Gore and George W. Bush due to problems with failed Optical Mark Reading Election Machines.

"We look forward to making our own historic and game changing shift in 2010 as the country engages in its first fully automated national elections. For the first time, there will be a real chance for ordinary Filipinos to really have their voices heard - a real chance for the voice of the poor to be equal to the voice of the rich. Automation is certainly just one step, but certainly it is a crucial step, towards changing the core of Philippine political culture for the better," said Gordon.

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