Press Release
November 10, 2008


Hinting these might be the handiwork of the government itself, destabilization tales could be "official administration entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival" Sen. Chiz Escudero today said.

Escudero said the government could be playing the 'under siege' card to ward off mounting corruption criticisms against it.

"It's the oldest trick in the book. If you are being criticized, create a diversion. Invent tales so that from an aggressor you become the aggrieved party and people will start casting their sympathies at you, "he said.

While the authenticity of a new group of soldiers which posted an anti-Arroyo Internet manifesto Saturday needs to be verified, "it is not, however, unhealthy to be a little skeptical about these things," Escudero said.

"Is this group as real as Santa Claus? Is this the latest to come out of the Palace disinformation factory?

But if the credentials of the group "Sundalong Tagapagtanggol ng Pilipino" will be established, then the fact that it has been organized should not come as a surprise, Escudero said, given the "universal contempt" for the administration.

"There is nothing in their statement which has not been said before by practically all sectors in the country today. In fact, the statements our bishops occasionally issue are stronger and more direct to the point, "he said.

Escudero added that the group is merely verbalizing what's probably in the minds of those in the uniformed services "but can't do so because of the rule that if you have a gun in your holster you better keep your mouth shut."

Expect government, he said, to milk the pronouncements of this factual or fictional group to their last drop, "in a bid to draw away our attention from the many scams it had pulled off so it can draw pity to itself."

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