Press Release
December 23, 2008


"This holiday season, I celebrate with you the birth of Christ our Saviour. Christmas has always stood for the restoration of the Lord's covenant with his people: this contract that says 'Do good, and you shall be rewarded. Fall in line, and you shall move forward.'

"We as a nation celebrate Christmas as we hold on to a promise of change; of restoration of the rule of the good; of renewal of our social contract to care for each other. I stand together with the Filipino people who seek the fulfillment of this promise. In a nation ravaged by the selfishness and greed of a few, we celebrate as a people: poor in wealth and power but rich in hope.

"May we all follow our own stars, as the three Magi did, steadfast in their faith in the Lord and in our ultimate salvation. May this Christmas be meaningful for all of us.

"Merry Christmas!"

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