Press Release
January 4, 2009

Gordon greets Ka Erdie on his 84th birthday

Independent Senator Richard J. Gordon has greeted Iglesia ni Cristo's Executive Minister Erano "Ka Erdie" Manalo on his 84th birthday and prayed for his continued good health so that he may continue the faithful ministry to God's people.

"We, Kate and my family, pray for your continued good health so that you can continue the faithful ministry to God's people," he said.

Gordon noted that Ka Erdie, as executive minister of the INC, has touched the hearts and lives of millions here and abroad, preaching the gospel of salvation and spreading the Christian faith worldwide.

"Your dedication and commitment has changed countless lives throughout the world and continues to inspire them to become better Christians who are faithful to God's commandments," he said.

The INC was founded by Felix Y. Manalo, ka Erdie's father, on July 27, 1914, as a non-trinitarian Christian restorationist religious organization.

A basic component of the INC's beliefs is that its founder, Felix Y. Manalo, was sent from God to reestablish the Christian church in its true form.

When Felix Manalo died on April 12, 1963, he passed on the leadership of the INC to his son, Erano or Ka Erdie who was elected unanimously by the Church's council of elders.

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