Press Release
February 5, 2009


Opposition Senator Chiz Escudero called for people's vigilance against move by administration lawmakers to push for a piece-meal change in the Constitution.

"Unless they specifically say what they want amended and how they want the Constitution amended we cannot and should not let our guards down," Escudero said in a statement from Washington.

The senator, who is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendment, Revision of Codes and Laws, said any amendment in any part of the Constitution at this moment might just be a flimsy justification to wade their way through term extension.

"Even if chacha proponents say okay we'll convene just to amend the economic provision of the constitution, anybody can stand along the way and call for a move to amend the very rule which made them convene. They can now move to include term extension."

"What they want us to do is close our eyes and allow what could later turn out to be the rape of the Constitution."

Escudero said the President's party mates should stand down and let cha-cha begin in the next administration.

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