Press Release
March 5, 2009

Press statement of Senator M.A. Madrigal

After languishing for more than ten years in three Congresses, at long last the Magna Carta of Women is now a signature away from becoming a law. After arduous struggle by women's rights advocates, the passage of the Magna Carta of Women marks a milestone in this country's history.

Last March 3, the Senate and the House of Representatives bicameral conference committee reconciled with finality, the disagreeing and contentious provisions of the Magna Carta of Women. Despite opposition from different groups and sectors that exerted all efforts to block this bill, the final version has miraculously managed to address the concerns of women's rights advocates, the church and the marginalized women despite the strong and conflicting views earlier expressed.

The bill was crafted to be an effective tool for the further protection and empowerment of women, particularly the marginalized. It is a pro-life, pro- Filipina and pro-family measure. It is not a reproductive rights and same sex marriage bill that rabid religious groups and opponents of the measure have labeled it.

Now that Congress has finished its role in crafting the Magna Carta of Women and making it into a reality, as Chairperson of the Committee on Youth, Women and Family Relations I urge the President to immediately sign into law the Magna Carta of Women in celebration of the International Women's Day on 8 March.

Now is the time, Mrs. President.

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