Press Release
March 25, 2009

Press Statement of Senator Chiz Escudero


The Office of the Ombudsman's recommendation to file charges against 17 former and current DPWH officials in connection with the anomalous bidding for several World Bank-funded road projects is a big disappointment.

The anti-graft body has again failed to prove its steadfast resolve in battling corruption in the country. It has avoided the inclusion of several powerful personalities in its recommendation and for that it has failed in its mandate to fight graft and corruption. These high government officials and powerful public figures have already been mentioned in the World Bank report, which detailed the bid-rigging activities by some contractors in collusion with public officials.

The Ombudsman had been given an opportunity to prove itself in this case, but unfortunately it would seem that personal ties and political debts play important roles in the office's performance of its mandate.

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