Press Release
April 16, 2009

Gordon to grace grad rites in Pangasinan

Independent Senator Richard J. Gordon is scheduled on Friday (April 17) to grace as a guest of honor and keynote speaker the graduation rites of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) in Pangasinan.

The senator, a well-known proponent of promoting the Philippines as a major ship building and ship manning hub, exhorted the graduates to live up to the country's reputation of producing the world's best seafarers.

"Almost every ship in the world has a Filipino and it is no boast that our seafaring countrymen are the-sought-after personnel. We are confident that this year's graduates of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy will do the country proud," said Gordon.

The senator has an affinity for seafarers, being a Rear Admiral of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Beyond this, he has supported bills and resolutions aimed fortifying the country's naval capabilities, equipping the country's navy and coast guard with better equipment as well as vessels.

"We are born from a seafaring race, our ancestors were horizon-chasers - forever going after the fulfillment of their dreams. I am glad to see that the blood that animated our ancestors runs thick in the veins of this year's PMMA graduates," said Gordon.

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