Press Release
May 27, 2009

Statement of the Majority Leader on his resignation
as Lakas Secretary-General

"To pave the way for the election of the new set of officers of the unified party, I am now tendering my resignation as Secretary-General of Lakas Christian Muslim Democrat (CMD).

"I know that out of the combined talents of the two will emerge a leadership which can win elections on both strength and numbers and force of ideas, and who can dominate the battle for precincts, as well as principles.

"We have to work harder to erase the stigma that many see us as a political juggernaut running over progressive ideals for our own personal interests. I fervently hope that with this new unified party we will be able to transcend our own personal interests and move towards a direction wherein we transform ourselves into a party geared towards a dedicated, sincere and transparent public service, as well as manifesting that our governance is set by leadership through example.

"The challenge, therefore, is to translate our supremacy in membership into a mandate for leadership and this can only be done if we are able to convince the people that the party of the past is also the best party for the future.

"And the future of the new party will depend on its ability to evolve from its being a temporary party machine to win elections and become a service-oriented, community-based and people driven organization for the common good.

"I thank LAKAS-CMD for the opportunity to serve it, and wish the new LAKAS-KAMPI alliance the best of everything."

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