Press Release
June 2, 2009

Transcript of SP Enrile's interview

Q: Sir, mamaya sa House, nasa plenary na yung ChaCha...

SP: Wala yun. How can they do it?

Q: They might pass it.

SP: How can they do it? That's an exercise in futility. They need the Senate. It's impossible for them to accomplish that. Huwag n'yo ng pag- abalahan yun.

Q: Sir, is there any word from the House on whether they will pass the CARP Extension Law?

SP: I don't know. That's their responsibility. We don't have to tell anybody to do their job. We are all responsible to the people.

Q: Sir, matatapos po ba yung mga priority bills before the Senate session ends?

SP: Tatapusin natin.

Q: Mga ilan po yun, sir?

SP: Marami pa.

Q: Hanggang kalian po yun?

SP: Hanggang bukas.

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