Press Release
June 4, 2009

Towards a positive change in the government

With majority (77%) of Filipinos believing that government strategies against corruption were ineffective according to the latest study by Transparency International (TI), Sen. Edgardo J. Angara today urged the general public to speak out and take action against corrupt practices.

The current standing of the Philippines based on the 2009 Global Corruption Barometer was brought about by the 13-percentage point increase of perceived corruption in government institutions in the country, from the previous 64 % in the 2007 TI report.

"Corruption is a significant issue that should be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately. The report regarding the consistency of corrupt procedures in the country shows public officials and political parties to be most corrupt according to the respondents' perceptions. In this line, we urge the Filipinos to speak out and stand out against these dishonest actions," said Angara who chairs the Senate Committee on Finance.

"The Ombudsman," he added, "as an independent body that functions to protect and assist complainants in their approaches against corrupt government officials is open for the public for filing cases."

According to the 2009 Transparency International report, the "police is the institution people are most likely to bribe" followed by the judiciary, land services organizations, registry and permit services institutions, the education sector, medical sector, tax revenue organizations and lastly, those that involve utilities establishments (telephone, electricity, water, etc.).

Angara, author of major anti-graft and corruption laws such as the Ombudsman Law and the Government Procurement Reform Act, said that these data imply the rampant fraudulent acts in almost all sectors of the society which makes it easier for the people to see and report to the proper authorities.

He added, "With these kinds of recurring problem, the Senate has made some amendments in RA 9184 or the Government Procurement Reform Act to include in the bill private institutions, NGOs, and other private entities which receive any government fund."

Transparency International is a global organization against corruption founded in 1993 to encourage transparency, discourage apathy and spread awareness to the public regarding the effects of corruption in the society.

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